Sacred deer is the brand image of Lu Yi Guo European Style Hot Pot Restaurant. We want to create a fine “no boarder” cuisine reflecting this spirit that abandons any use of artificial flavor. We only use qualified vegetable and fresh fruit as base, and brew our broth with selected herbs. It takes a skillful process and time to simmer our broth till the base is refine and clear. The broth will be served in an imported cast iron pot. Why do we go through all these troubles? We hope you can experience food in a nature, simple, delicious way. In addition, you will also be surprised how well our estate wine from Tuscany goes with our hot pots. It’s definitely a great way for east to meet west.

Feel our original intention for fine cuisine

Lu Yi Guo European Style Hot Pot Restaurant is an advocate for natural dinning using only fresh and colorful ingredients. We are working with fine ingredients and skilled cooking to create a flavorsome broth. Freshness & quality is our target. We have faith that dinning will turn into a happy event. Through our dining experience, not only does nutrition and flavor of food itself imprints in our memory, it will also makes us to feel gratitude toward this land that has always cultivated us.

Slow simmer and no additives

Taste of earth’s gift
BREADNA’s broth combines energy of the sun and the nourishment of the earth.We use fresh seasonal ingredients and European cooking method to create this broth. We may say that it is a present that comes from our land that cultivates our food. Special herbs and spices are added; we let this essence from the earth work in your mouth and tongue. It will bring satisfaction your taste buds.

Soulful, Key to delicious
We insist that no artificial flavor and additive allow for making stock, the stock has put through a lengthy process to clarify in order to turn into clear broth. It is the same cooking method that been use for “French consommé”. Our broth is rich in seasoning and flavoring, but taste refreshing. It will bring satisfaction and a peace of mind.

Characteristic of broth

No artificial flavor and additive into broth making.

Coconut juice with selected herbs broth (Customer’s favorite)
Our basic ingredients are fresh chicken bones, vegetable, dry scallops, and selected herbs. Herbs will enhance the sweetness of stock. By repeating clarification to remove excessive fat and sediment in stock, the stock turns into a clear broth.
(Warning: Coconut juice with selected herbs broth is not suitable for pregnant women. )
Hokkaido seaweed Broth
Ingredients include Hokkaido seaweed, fresh vegetable and fruit. Seaweed is rich in minerals, and alkalinity property also helps pH balance in our body. Hokkaido seaweed broth works well with any side dishes.
Original pork bone broth
Ingredients include pork bone, fresh vegetable and fruit. It takes hours to simmer in order to drawn out the essence of ingredients. This broth is rich in colloid and savory, but not heavy for palate. It is popular selection for all ages.
Spicy pork bone & herbs broth
The base is pork bone broth, we add a BREDNA secret spices. The savory scent of the spices in this broth creates a warm and stimulating sense, bring up appetite. The slightly peppery taste will not cause burden on our body.
When broth is boiling, please don't rush to insert our side dishes!
Please have a taste of our broth first. You will feel our sincerity of provide fine dining.
  • Breadna 普蕾納
  • Breadna 普蕾納
  • Breadna 普蕾納
  • Breadna 普蕾納
  • Breadna 普蕾納
  • Breadna 普蕾納
  • Breadna 普蕾納
  • Breadna 普蕾納